Criminal Compliance

Starting in 2009, once Law 20393 – which recognized the criminal liability of bodies corporate in cases of asset laundering, financing of terrorism, bribery and receiving stolen goods – came into force, new integrity and compliance demands have been placed on organizations to ensure corporate indemnity vis-à-vis criminal liability risks.  

These demands include the need to design and implement prevention models for these offenses (MPD) and adopting safeguards generally known as criminal compliance.

Since then, BCP has devoted much of its expertise toward generating effective crime prevention mechanisms, organizing and providing guidance for corporate governance, directors, senior officers and various associates in over 100 companies in Chile, Argentina and Peru, where criminal prosecution of organizations will come into force in 2018.  

BCP Abogados offers strategic, customized advice, drawing on its vast experience in criminal matters to tackle these emerging challenges, assisting companies in designing and implementing a Prevention Model suited to their own corporate realities, in hand with a certification process.  

Likewise, BCP Abogados has drafted and implemented reporting manuals for corporate compliance in Finance and Real Estate, to fulfill the relevant persons’ reporting obligations unto the Financial Analysis Unit.