BCP Abogados

In 2005, once the Reformed Penal Procedure was introduced in Chile, lawyers Matías Balmaceda, Francisco Cox and Juan Ignacio Piña established BCP Abogados to provide cutting-edge legal advice, with novel, effective legal solutions in criminal forums. Since then, BCP has worked as a well-balanced team bringing together the various different professional perspectives of its members.

Over the years, and after specializing in litigation, BCP has diversified into other fields of legal practice.

BCP is also recognized as a leading law firm in the development and rollout of new crime prevention strategies at companies, after Law 20393 (Criminal Compliance) came into force in 2009.

In international litigation, BCP is the only Chilean firm to have litigated before the Criminal Court of The Hague in the defense of Human Rights. Likewise, firm members have participated in litigation before the International Court of Justice of The Hague and before the Inter-American Human Rights Court.